What is YouTube Premium and why should (or should not) you subscribe?

What is YouTube Premium and why should (or should not) you subscribe?
Pay for YouTube? Yes, if we’re talking about YouTube Premium, a service that adds value to the platform you already know. The possibility of viewing video without ads is just the beginning; find out what YouTube Premium is, how much it costs and what benefits it offers you.

What is YouTube Premium?
YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that adds several features to YouTube’s basic experience. Unlike Spotify or Apple Music, it’s not a dedicated music streaming platform, but rather a multi-faceted offering that has a number of small benefits to improve your experience, including YouTube streaming without ads and access to Google’s Spotify streaming service. And that’s just the beginning.

How much is YouTube Premium?

We haven’t even gotten to the good things yet, but it’s okay. You are a smart buyer and we respect you. A premium YouTube subscription costs $12 a month.

Previously, YouTube Red cost $10, unless you had signed up through the App Store on iOS, in which case the price was $13. It is currently unclear whether Google plans to raise prices for Apple users or whether they will get the same bill as everyone else.

The best? They offer you free tasting for four (4) months if you have a Samsung Galaxy. If not, the free test will be one month. In times, almost all free tests don’t go past seven days, four months is a whole detail.

What do you get with YouTube Premium?

As we mentioned, YouTube Premium comes with a lot of benefits, but we’re going to simplify them.

YouTube originals

If you access Premium, you will have access to the full library of original YouTube content. Many of the series are large YouTubers productions like Poppy, PewDiePie and the Paul brothers. Cabra Kai which is the sequel to karate kid is the most loved series by the viewers and loved by all.

youtube premium

Display without ads

As mentioned above, a Premium YouTube subscription removes all YouTube ads. That is, this includes advertising and video ads (either on a desktop browser or on a mobile device) and extends to the YouTube Music app. For many, the default ad load isn’t too heavy, but YouTube’s managers have decided that those who “use YouTube as a paid music service” might be upset by that ad density.

Google Play Music

This is the best part of a premium YouTube subscription, in our opinion.

Google Play Music looks a lot like Spotify or Apple Music and has a library of more than 30 million tracks (though, admittedly, it doesn’t have so many complementary features for music discovery).

Also, as an extra benefit, if a song is not available, you will get search results from YouTube. .
One of the best things is that you can also upload your known music to google play music like the other premium music streaming app. An independent GPM subscription costs $10, so this is an incredible value.

YouTube Music Premium

Like Google Play Music, a subscription to Premium also grants access to YouTube Music Premium, which offers background playback on mobile devices, offline viewing, and unadvertised playback. But till now YouTube Music does not have podcasts.

Background playing on mobile

With a premium YouTube subscription, you can block your phone (or switch to a different app) and the videos will continue to play in the background.

This is a good feature for listening to podcasts and other similar services, or simply listening to a song you like and couldn’t find on any other platform. It works on both the YouTube app and the YouTube Music app.

Offline Display

You can also download videos (and full playlists) to watch offline with YouTube Premium.

A very useful feature for certain occasions, such as when you have to take an airplane (or, indeed, whenever you want to store mobile data).

You should, yes, have some free space on your phone, but downloading songs via YouTube Music instead of the default YouTube app mitigates this to some extent.

Should you have it?

That depends. If you’re happy to subscribe to Spotify or Apple Music (or Tidal), you probably don’t need YouTube Premium.

But if you use YouTube continuously, you’re a fan of Cobra Kai or any of the other premium series, and you can ignore some of the secondary features of Google Play Music, it’s worth signing up for that price.

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