YouTube Premium FREE? So you’ll get the service legally in 2021

How to have YouTube Music and YouTube Premium FREE? So you’ll get the service legally


YouTube Premium  has officially arrived in India and if you want to use this service for free, this is the way to get it without downloading programs of dubious origin and easily and quickly .youtube premium free. Don’t be left without enjoying YouTube Premium and YouTube Music content.
Google expanded its premium content service.YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are already available in more countries around the world to become users’ favorite music and video streaming platforms, displacing or at least try Spotify and Apple Music on the one hand and Netflix on the other.
These new platforms have been launched since march 2019 in india, and many other countries in the region that already had YouTube service Music and YouTube Premium as alternatives for listening to online music or watching online movies.Now, if you want to legally access these services completely free, then we’ll give you some tips on using YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a music streaming platform, which can be used as the conventional version of YouTube, but without advertising when it comes to the payment option.

Through the YouTube Music app you can access official songs, records and videos, thousands of playlists, and a catalog of remixes and live performances with all the personalization power of the platform.

In order to use YouTube Music you have to download its app since it is independent from the YouTube app.

From the start, the app invites you to try its premium service for three months without paying anything. You can also keep the free version of Spotify, which also includes song ads and limitations in the number of lists.

youtube premium free

How much is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music offers three months of free trial and then only costs S/ 16.90 a month.Your family plan, which can be used by up to 5 people, has a price of S/ 25.50 per month.

With YouTube Music you can access more than 50 million songs without ads, the possibility to download songs and listen to them offline.

What is YouTube Premium?


YouTube Premium is a subscription service that offers its users quality content without advertisements and access to the entire YouTube Originals catalog.

This streaming app gives you the possibility to watch original YouTube shows and movies like Cobra Kai, the sequel series of Karate Kid that has managed to overcome the demand for series like Por thirteen reasons and The Handmaid’s Tale.

The service also includes the ability to view conventional YouTube without advertising and with downloads to view offline content.

How much is YouTube Premium?

The service costs S/ 20.90 per month and allows you to download videos to watch offline and play them in the background.Users who subscribe to YouTube Premium also access all of the benefits of YouTube Music.

YouTube Premium family plan value is S/ 31.90. For this amount up to five people can enjoy the service.

How to use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium for free?


With YouTube Music you can enjoy over 50 million songs, albums and the latest hits of your favorite artists.

YouTube Premium, meanwhile, gives you access to exclusive features such as unannounced music, background playback, audio mode, and the option to download songs for offline listening.

Now we’re going to tell you how you can use these two services for free and legally. Pay attention!

1. You can access the free YouTube Music service, but you will have to tolerate the ads.

2. To be able to access the three months free, subscribe with a debit or credit card, but before the deadline is met, remove your payment form so that no payment is made.

3. If any of your family or friends access the family plan, you may ask to add and be one of five users to use YouTube Music or YouTube Premium service.

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