YouTube Marketing:Strategy: How To Apply Marketing Services & Techniques To Your Channel

YouTube Marketing: Take your first steps firmly on YouTube. Follow this guide to YouTube Marketing Services & Techniques step by step.
YouTube is the most used social network in India and Asian countries according to The Global State of Digital 2021 study.
So marketing on YouTube becomes indispensable for any kind of business or brand.


Here’s the guide you were looking for on how to do YouTube marketing to succeed with your digital strategy. So let’s start at the beginning…

Getting Started with YouTube Marketing

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out on this social network because more and more people and channels are active in it. That’s why I recommend you go through several stages to succeed:
Define what goals you want to achieve with your YouTube channel
You better think you’ve got them clear, but you have to figure out what you want to achieve with these videos and ask yourself what part of your global marketing strategy is YouTube.
Here are some examples of goals to achieve with a YouTube channel:
Bring traffic to your website or product cards.
Get more followers from your community.
Earning Money (If you’re interested, I’ll give you more information on how much YouTube pays for video)
Build Brand.
Recording videos and uploading them does not ensure success.
While it is true that the competition is lower than Google, more and more video and vloggers are making their voices heard.
This is why it is essential to conduct research on the question of:
Who is your competition
What do your competitors do: video types, publication frequency…
What’s Fashion Now on YouTube
How Videos Make Your Industry Channels
YouTube Marketing 2
Optimize your channel
To highlight you have to optimize your YouTube channel yes or yes.
Make your channel stand out, get attention and the arriving users want to stay.
I give you some advice
A name associated with your brand or easy to remember. That way you’ll get your followers to find you.
Don’t you know what name to name your channel?
These tips may help you:
Please note that including the keyword in your name can help you. You’ll increase the chances that people who still don’t know about you will find you by searching generically on YouTube.
Keyword: recipes
Name: Cooking Storm (imagine your brand name)
Channel Name: recipes | Cooking Storm or Cooking storm cooking easy cooking.
When you search for a generic word other than YouTube videos it recommends channels. If your channel contains the search term it is an extra point to appear in more searches.
Now that you’ve moved on to stage 3 after the investigation and the name selection comes the time to open your YouTube channel for the company.
In the next video you have all the information to create it. Now yes this is the first big step for your marketing strategy on YouTube, to create your channel.
✅ Includes a video presentation on your channel talking about:
What you offer on the channel
What benefits visitors will get
What days are you going to publish or share information
Who You Are
✅ Create a memorable description where you enter those keywords for which you want to be found.
Adding descriptions to all your videos is necessary. In this first video presentation, take advantage of it to get your followers where you want.
Your website, other social networks etc.
✅ Optimize your videos and use images that represent you in the cover image. So you’re going to make your cards associate with your brand.
▶️ Draws attention through images
Images will be the first point of contact when someone watches your videos.
Use bold text, frames, or images.
It’s not just about uploading videos, the goal is for your visitors to stay interested until the end of the video and click on links inside the video or text.
In SEO topics on YouTube the length of stay, video viewing to the end, number of subscribers matters.
✅ Research the title of your videos
The title of your videos is a great ally of SEO and YouTube marketing. Research the keywords you want to appear for and use them here. It’s time.
✅ Add descriptions in your videos with links
Just like in the video presentation, take advantage of this to describe each video. Include links where you want to send to your community and take the opportunity to remember to subscribe to your channel.
✅ Mobile first 60% of videos are viewed on mobile
Yes, most videos are viewed from the mobile. Therefore, when editing your videos, click on them and don’t think so much about the desktop version.
✅ Uses Storytelling and Keeps the Best for the End
Since full visualizations are a metric that will help your marketing on YouTube and visibility. Work well on the script of your videos so that your subscribers can’t help but reach the last second.
✅ Creates playlists
Just like web architecture is important for SEO, the way to categorize your videos properly is playlists. Groups by themes, products, or interests.
✅ Practice Authenticity
The secret ingredient for both SEO and YouTube Marketing is a good dose of authenticity.
➡️ more on how to optimize your YouTube channel here
He puts a spin on YouTube Marketing: professionalize
We reached the last stage. A maturing stage to take a professional turn on your YouTube channel.
So a few more marketing tips for your YouTube channel.
✅ Uses Subtitles and Translations
A great way to expand your visibility and reach out to different people.
It’s also very easy to add subtitles in your language or make transcripts or translations to others.
Enter the navigation menu of creator studio.
Click add new subtitles and choose language.
Under the edited video you select automatically transcribe and synchronize.
Write subtitles in another language and ready
✅ Use YouTube Live to Faithful Your Audience
To add a bonus to your community, create YouTube Live by announcing them on your channel beforehand.
A great way to give a plus to your followers or to bring subscribers from your website or social networks to YouTube.
✅ time to edit your videos
And last but not least.
Work your videos, the quality is noticeable and your subscribers will do it too.
Put your logo on videos, effects, transitions etc.
Analyze your YouTube strategy
Analyzing a strategy is always a key step in getting good results and finding the actions that make us succeed.
Analyze the metrics of your videos, the growth of your community, and what content your audience likes most.
This data will give you clues to improve your strategies.
Analyze your YouTube strategy
Analyzing a strategy is always a key step in getting good results and finding the actions that make us succeed.
Analyze the metrics of your videos, the growth of your community, and what content your audience likes most.
This data will give you clues to improve your strategies.
Learn more about YouTube Analytics
With Metricool you can also analyze your YouTube strategy.
Connect your channel and analyze how your videos evolve through graphics and find out how to optimize your strategy with the main metrics.
If you have a premium account you can download reports whenever you want.
Managing Multiple YouTube Channels at a Time
Follow these tips to turn your YouTube channel around and apply marketing techniques.
But before you leave and abandon our guide to start on YouTube, here are some mistakes you have to avoid to succeed on the video’s social network:

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