Learn to stream YouTube Live from PC, mobile devices and OBS in 2021

Learn to stream YouTube Live from PC, mobile devices and OBS in 2021


Want to learn how to stream live on YouTube live from pc? You’re on your lucky day! This is a practical and comprehensive guide, illustrated step by step, on how to make a live YouTube broadcast from any device.


And to help you master the preferred platform of over 70% of Internet users when it comes to watching live video, we’ve compiled essential tips and tools to make your live YouTube streaming a success.


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Well, the time has come to find out how to make a successful live broadcast on YouTube. Will you join me?


Live streaming on YouTube: understand how it works

Before we teach you how to do a live broadcast on YouTube, it’s important to understand how this kind of content works.

Well, you sure know what a live broadcast is, right? It’s the evolution of streaming content on the Internet.

Through this function, the video is shown at the same time it is recorded, without the people watching it having to download the file.

Even before the technology went viral in 2011, YouTube launched YouTube Live, its live video service. Since then, the number of live broadcasts and viewers on the platform have continued to grow.

Such success is explained by the ease of live. All you need is an internet-connected device and a camera for any user to hold a live event.

And the data confirm this. In 2016 alone, the number of live events grew by 130% compared to the previous year.


5 good reasons for you to now do a live YouTube broadcast!


Well, you’ve already understood that living is the biggest trend in the video world. And that YouTube is one of the best channels to make a live broadcast.


But you know why your company needs to invest in live streaming on YouTube?


Well, there are many reasons to bet on this content. Look!


  1. More reach for your brand and channel


One of the disadvantages of face-to-face events is that not everyone can attend, or it is complex and expensive to find a place where a large number of participants are involved.


However, with a live YouTube broadcast, you don’t have to worry about any of this. People from all over the world can access your content. And you don’t have to spend much more on it.


So your brand will be able to attract a much larger audience, reaching a larger number of users.


Do you doubt it?


According to YouTube, channels that broadcast live at least once a week show a 40% growth in new subscribers and a 70% growth in the channel’s playback time.

youtube live

  1. Low cost and ease


If you’ve never done a live broadcast, you might not feel safe, and think it’s a complex process and requires very expensive equipment.


But the reality is different. Making a live broadcast on YouTube Live is quite easy and does not require much technical knowledge.


You just have to have a channel on the platform, a computer/computer or mobile phone with Internet, a camera and an idea in mind!


So, without investing too much, your business has access to a powerful tool to attract and interact with your followers – and potential buyers.


  1. A more engaged and participatory public


Online videos are among those with the highest engagement content in the digital world. So it’s obvious that the live videos are even more attractive.


A live YouTube broadcast makes the public connect more deeply and positively with the brand. After all, we are seeing “real” people chatting with us live and uncut.


Moreover, this kind of content alone is already an invitation to participation. Through the comment box, viewers can send messages and suggestions during the event by participating in the content.


A participatory audience is more willing to complete the actions you request, such as downloading an ebook or buying your product. These are details that improve the public experience, increasing the sense of closeness to the brands.


  1. Generation of qualified leads


Getting qualified leads becomes easier with live broadcasts.


Through a live, you are able to explore and delve into a particular topic more easily.


In this way, the content will become more credible to the public, who will be able to acquire relevant information on the subject.


And a more educated audience moves through the sales funnel easily, reaching the moment of purchase faster.


  1. YouTube Monetization


Did you know that your channel can make money by making live broadcasts on YouTube?


You see! Who has the monetization resource enabled on the platform can place ads during live video transmission. So every time a user clicks the ad, you’ll gain a small amount.


Another option is to use the YouTube Super Chat, a feature that allows fans to pay certain amounts to highlight their messages on the live.


In addition to raising the level of interaction, you still finance your productions and you can bring much better content to your next live broadcasts.


But before he makes a live on YouTube Live, it’s fundamental:


Making a live broadcast on YouTube is easier than it seems. You don’t need to have a professional structure or expensive equipment.


But still, to make a living requires a little care so that no problem can happen.


(a) Planning of the content of the transmission


While a live video has spontaneity and improvisation as its main advantage, a minimum of planning is essential.


So before you turn on the camera, try to set the subject of your broadcast and how you’ll address it.


Also, creating a short script can help you not lose yourself during the event and give you more security when you start recording.


Another advice is to set the best dates and times of transmission, according to the habits and preferences of the audience.


Don’t forget to pay due attention to your live video scene. Choose a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere and create a setting that makes some sense for your video. Just be careful that the background doesn’t highlight too much and opaque your content.


(b) Basic equipment for live transmission


As we’ve already told you at the beginning, you don’t need to have a professional studio or material to make a live YouTube broadcast.


But for your live video to be a success, it is essential to know and invest in the right equipment, such as:


  • Camera. It can be broadcast on YouTube with a professional camera, a webcam or even a mobile. Only good picture quality is needed.


  • Microphone. Audio quality is another factor for the success of a live. Therefore, try to use a microphone that captures well the voice of the person you are talking about. If the budget is short, you can even use a headset with microphone.


  • Lighting. A poorly lit video can affect the efficiency of live streaming. Therefore, it seeks to record in a very illuminated place to avoid blurred, dark or noisy images. If necessary, simpler and cheaper equipment, such as China Ball, ensures a good outcome.


  • Computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet. Make sure your computer/ computer, laptop, or mobile phone work properly and your Internet connection is fast. Thus, you avoid blocking and connection loss during live, and do not harm the user experience.


  1. c) Create a YouTube channel


It may seem obvious to you, but to make a live YouTube broadcast, your brand needs to have an account and a channel on the platform.


Doing so is pretty simple. Just have an email address on Gmail and log on to the YouTube website.


If you still have doubts about this process, the platform itself provides a very explanatory tutorial, which can be accessed here.


(d) Enable live broadcasts


With the channel created, the next step is to enable live streaming functionality. For that:


Please confirm if your YouTube channel has been verified (find out how to verify your account here) and that you have not had any restrictions on broadcasting live over the past 90 days.

Go to the tools in the Creation Studio and click on the “Live Broadcast” tab to activate the feature. If you use a mobile, you just have to create a live broadcast.


Note: to stream live on mobile devices, in addition to complying with the above requirements, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.


(e) Choose from live streaming options on YouTube


After you plan your content, choose your computer, and create a channel, you will have access to four transmission options:


Broadcast now. In this option, you will start to stream your content in real time. However, you will have access to fewer settings. During the video, YouTube will adapt the content resolution. This way, your followers will be able to watch the broadcast even from mobile devices.


How to stream live YouTube Live from your computer?


With all the teams ready and the topic and topic you’re going to talk about, it’s time to start your live YouTube broadcast. But since it’s possible to make a live on this platform from multiple devices, we’re going to focus on each one at a time, starting with the computer.


Take a look at the step-by-step we’ve prepared for you:


1st step


Sign in to your YouTube account and click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then click “YouTube Studio”.


2st step


On the new page, click the Live Streaming icon, located in the top right corner of the screen.

A new screen will open. There are three options:


  • Transmit: allows you to configure a transmission using a coding program, such as OBS, for example;
  • Webcam: here, you will be able to set up a live broadcast using a webcam;
  • Manage: allows you to configure the live broadcasts you have scheduled.

Whatever option you choose, you must name the broadcast, select whether it will be public or private, and choose the date of transmission, in case you want to schedule a live broadcast.


Then, you should also point out if your video content is created for children or restricted to people over 18 years of age.


When you have set everything up, just click “Next”.


3rd step


Then, a countdown will open to take a photo and create a thumbnail image for your transmission.


To conclude, click on “Live Broadcast” to start your live broadcast or on “Ready”, if you want to schedule your event.


4th step


To edit a scheduled live broadcast, go to the YouTube Studio homepage, click “Videos” in the left corner of the screen, and then click on the “Live Broadcast” tab.


By clicking “More Options”, you can also change the video category, recording date, language, and even insert a location for live streaming.


When you’re done, just click “Save”.


5th step


When the date and time of your transmission is about to start, click the “View in Live Control Room” button.


On the new screen that will be shown, click “Live Broadcast” to start your live streaming on YouTube.


On the right side of the screen is the live chat, where viewers can interact by sending comments and questions in real time.


In the upper left corner, you’ll find the airtime counter, the number of people watching your live and the amount of “likes” the video received.


At the bottom of the video, you will find the “Share” button. When you click on it, you have access to the link of your broadcast and buttons that will allow you to share your live video on major social networks.


6th step


To finish your YouTube broadcast, just click on the “Finish Broadcast” button.


When you finish your broadcast, you will have access to a summary of the main event statistics, such as the peak of the simultaneous viewers, the new subscribers that the transmission generated, the duration and the average viewing time.


How to stream live YouTube Live from mobile phone?


Did you know it’s also possible to make a live YouTube broadcast using just one mobile phone?


You see! The Android and iOS platform app allows you to make a live video without spending money on additional cameras or other devices. You just need to have a stable Internet connection and a compatible smartphone.


This is a great option for those who do not have access to a computer or want to broadcast live from the outside or in very noisy environments.


Want to know how to get live on YouTube from your smartphone? Then take a look at our tutorial:


1st step


Open the YouTube Android or iOS app and play the camera icon, located in the top right corner of the screen.


If necessary, allows the application to access the camera, microphone, and storage of the device.


On the new screen that opens, select the “Live Broadcast” option.


2st step


Then create a title for your YouTube stream. Be careful right now and choose an attractive title.


On this same screen, you can also change the privacy settings between “Audience” and “Unlisted”.


Still on the setup screen, you can add a location tag, reporting from where your live is being broadcast, as well as your business.


By selecting “More Options”, you have access to other live streaming settings on YouTube.


Among them is the possibility to add a brief summary of your content. Also, you can program the live video for later, selecting the best date and time for the event


In “Advanced Settings” you can allow chat, activate age restriction, indicate if the broadcast has any paid promotion and activate monetization.


3rd step


After setting up your video, select “Next” to take a photo and use it as the thumbnail for your broadcast.


You can also remake the thumbnail or upload an image from the gallery on the phone.


4th step


After you set up all the details of your broadcast, you can share the event on social networks through the share button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.


If you wish, it is also possible to transmit from the front camera of the device. To do so, play the camera symbol in the upper right corner.


5th step


The great moment has come. It plays “Live Broadcast”. Now your live video is already being broadcast! But don’t forget to leave your phone on the horizontal.


The broadcast screen shows an accountant with the time of your live, a viewer and the amount of “likes” in the video.


To end your transmission, just hit “X” at the top right of the screen and then “OK”.


After the broadcast is finished, a screen with video statistics will be displayed. The data include the duration of the transmission, the number of viewers, the average viewing time and the number of new subscribers.


6th step


A file will be created with the live stream recording on your channel. You can edit your privacy settings and make this file private, or delete it on the “My Videos” page.


How to stream live YouTube Live from OBS?


If you want to stream live and access more advanced features, such as sharing your computer screen or using the webcam, you can use software called Open Broadcast Software or OBS.


It is responsible for capturing images and sounds generated by the camera and compressing them in the format necessary for a living.


To make a live on YouTube through OBS, follow the steps below:


1st step


To start, download and install the OBS. The program can be downloaded from this link.


Open the OBS and go to Settings, at the bottom right. Then click Broadcast. And in Service, select Youtube.


The next step is to enter the transmission key. They are responsible for connecting OBS to YouTube.


To access this data, please enter your YouTube channel and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then on “Youtube Studio”.


On the new page, access the “Live Broadcast” option in the left side panel.


At the end of the transmission page, you will see the “Help Configure Transmission” field. Select the transmission key and paste it into the corresponding fields in the OBS.


After completing this step, click Done.


2rd step


Now that the OBS is already connected to YouTube servers, you just have to select “Start Broadcast” and your video is broadcast.


When you finish your YouTube broadcast, open the OBS again and click “Stop Broadcast”.


How to do YouTube and Facebook live-streaming at the same time?


If your business has a YouTube channel and Facebook page, you can stream live on both channels simultaneously.


There are many advantages of having a live video on YouTube and Facebook at the same time. In addition to taking advantage of the unique features of each platform, it is also possible to reach an even larger audience without investing more.


There are three ways to broadcast live content on more than one platform at a time. Are we going to know each of them?

  1. Improvisation


The first method of making a live YouTube and Facebook stream simultaneously requires no additional software or equipment.


All you need is a smartphone and a computer (or laptop) with a webcam. And some creativity. See you?


  1. With the help of a stand, such as a tripod or a flat and high surface, put your mobile behind the web camera. That way, you can look in the same direction;
  2. Open the Facebook app and configure your live stream;
  3. On the computer, go to the YouTube website and set up the broadcast on this platform. Takes the opportunity to adjust the frame of the webcam;
  4. Click “Start Live Broadcast” on both platforms. Ready! You’re already in the air.


This kind of improvisation is a good solution for those who want to make a broadcast on more than one channel, but do not have the necessary equipment or technical knowledge. It is quite easy to do and the result is satisfactory.


The main disadvantage of this method is that it does not provide access to advanced features, such as slide usage, graphics, and screen sharing.


Also, since you’ll be using two cameras at the same time, you can make a mess during the presentation. After all, there will be two approaches, and this may harm the public’s experience.


  1. Multiple-transmission services


Another option is to use one of the multi-streaming services available on the Internet. These are programs or websites that connect to Facebook and YouTube and show your live video on both channels at once.


There are free options, like Restream.io site, and pay-for-money options, like ManyCam software.


Depending on the service used, it is necessary to use an audio and video encoder, such as OBS, to make the connection and transmission of data from the computer to the multi-streaming platform, which will then transmit it to YouTube and Facebook.


2 Final Steps to End YouTube Live Streaming


Have you seen how easy it is to make a YouTube broadcast from any device?


But don’t think the work is over after the broadcast is over. There are some things you can do to keep getting results with your content:


  1. a) Leave video available on your channel


After the broadcast is over, the content is automatically published on your channel. So more people will get to see it and the video will gain more views.


During the process, you can change video settings, such as description, keywords, and image quality.

It is important to note that YouTube does not archive broadcasts longer than 12 hours for the “broadcast now” type and 8 hours for “events”.


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