YouTube launched Shorts, an option to create Tik Tok-style short videos

Indeed, the king of online video didn't want to miss his part on this cake and prepared his alternative version to TikTok.The product finally arrives in india after having tried luck in the United States.
In mid-September last year, and after many weeks of hearing rumors about it, YouTube launched ‘Shorts’, a service “for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their smart mobile phone.” Does it sound to you?
Indeed, the king of online video didn’t want to miss his part on this cake and prepared his alternative version to TikTok.The product finally arrives in india after having tried luck in  the United States.
YouTube announced the release of Shorts, a tool for creating videos of up to 15 seconds with the option of adding filters, effects and music to them. This is an option that you can access inside the video platform by pressing a small icon.
In the Shorts presentation paper, YouTube alludes to the first video posted on the platform, “Me at the zoo.” That video was posted by Jawed Karim, one of the site’s creators, in April 2006. It lasts only 18 seconds and has more than 92 million views.
It is no secret that more and more platforms are copying success to each other, so it seems that lately all social networks are the same. In the specific case of the short videos, Instagram also has its own dedicated product: Reels.
But, an eye, Google claims that “user-generated short videos were born on YouTube,” mentioning the platform’s first post: an 18-second video called ‘Me at the Zoo’ from 15 years ago.

How Does YouTube’s Short Video Tool Work?

The new product ‘picks up that eyewitness’, allowing you to create videos of up to 15 seconds with music and with some extras, such as the ability to use a timer and a countdown to record easily, with free hands, or access to speed controls on recording. The new platform also features a multi-segment camera to link multiple video clips.
 As we say, to access the tool you just have to go to your device app, although it seems that it is only appearing on Android at the moment. Slide down the app a little bit and you’ll see the videos, presented as a carousel, in a vertical format and lasting 15 seconds. Nothing you don’t know anymore.

 How to go with “shorts”?

 To create them, click on the ‘+’ -‘Create’ – icon at the foot of the application and choose – if it appears – the ‘Create a Short’ option.
To record a clip, press and hold the capture button or hit it once to start recording and touch it again to finish the segment.
Click ‘Undo’ to remove the last clip you have recorded or play ‘Redo’ to add the clip you have removed back to the video.
Play ‘Next’ to watch your video and then play ‘Next’ again to add the details of your video – music, speed control, timer…-
Add a title (maximum 100 characters) to your short.
Tap ‘Select Audience’ to indicate whether you have created your short video for children or not.
Tap Up to finish.
The platform announced its new service as “a new way of viewing and creating on YouTube.” But basically, ‘Short’ is a Google TikTok, just as Facebook did with the ‘Reels’ function on Instagram. It was clear that the Mountain View people were not going to lose their exit advantage and want to retain their more than 2 billion users.
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