How to get thousands of YouTube subscribers from scratch

How to get thousands of YouTube subscribers from scratch

A large community, in number and quality of subscribers, is an immense source of views and the quintessential feature of a successful YouTube channel. No wonder we all want to have the maximum number of subscribers on our channel

Well, I have good news for you: it’s not that hard to get it if you know how.

Of course we want as many  youtube  subscribers as possible, that’s what this post focuses on, but you have to be crystal clear that those subscribers have value only if they are of quality.

What will you find here?

Why is it so important to have quality subscribers?
What differentiates a good subscriber from a bad one
The famous first 4000 hours of visualization
10 Keys for Getting Subscribers on YouTube Fast
1. Be very clear what demand you are going to meet
2. Generate a good first impression with your channel
3. Try to differentiate yourself as much as possible
4. Make quality videos
5. Consistent in publishing your videos
6. Works the visibility of each video
7. Connect and care for your community
8. Listen to your community
9. Collaborates with other YouTubers
10. Makes calls to action
How to get your first 100 subscribers?
The Best Trick to Grow Exponentially on YouTube?
Why Your Subscribers should NOT stay on YouTube?
Frequent, resolved doubts.
How much does YouTube pay for each subscriber?
How much does YouTube pay for every 1,000 views?
How can I see my YouTube subscribers and how they grow?
How do you view real-time subscribers on YouTube?
Does buying subscribers for YouTube work?

A good subscriber base is a great source of direct traffic, but they’re also a very valuable growth engine of your channel because these people will share your videos with other people, and that’ll make your channel grow even more. That’s obvious.

What is less obvious, though, if you still don’t have much experience, is the indirect consequences of having bad or good-quality subscribers.
Why is it so important to have quality subscribers?

A quality subscriber is someone who really follows your subject with interest and trusts you.

What is less obvious, though, if you still don’t have much experience, is the indirect consequences of having bad or good-quality subscribers.

Why is it so important to have quality subscribers?

youtube subscriber

A quality subscriber is someone who really follows your subject with interest and trusts you.

These people are the ones who will share your videos, make comments, and ultimately get that at the threshold, your channel grows by itself, the famous snowball effect that, on the Internet, occurs in a particularly intense way when it happens.

What differentiates a good subscriber from a bad one?

The other passive subscribers, they’ll just be there, adding up the number of subscribers on your channel cover, but beyond that, they won’t bring you anything.

The thing becomes even clearer if we go to the economic effects. If you’d like, apart from having fun, to generate revenue with your channel, again, this revenue will almost be exclusive to your most hooked subscribers.


I give you examples with different monetization pathways to see:

If you recommend products using affiliate links to the websites of those products (which will generate commissions on purchases), the overwhelming majority of which will take your recommendations into account will be the subscribers who trust you. So much so that there are even very grateful people wishing to return the favor by using your affiliate links.

If you take the example above to the field of your own products (typically an online course, for example), behavior will again be very similar. Because they trust you, they want your course, not the course of the competition, and again they’ll be happy to reward you for your work by paying you for it.

So a channel with a community of 1,000 subscribers you’re very connected to (“engagement”) is much more powerful than one with 10,000 who don’t know very well why they have subscribed.

Always have this perspective on your head and don’t obsession, or be impatient with the absolute number of subscribers.
The famous first 4000 hours of visualization

One exception to what I just commented on is the famous 4000 hours of visualization in the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers Google requires if you want to monetize your videos with YouTube ads (AdSense ads).

Here, catching subscribers becomes a numerical issue and you can agree on rapid growth strategies like this very ingenious one you can see in this video:

But look, don’t forget that the subscribers who will generate you, usually won’t interest you too much. He sees this as nothing more than a trick to overcome a specific situation where it is only numbers.

Therefore, once this goal is achieved, you should return immediately to strategies to get quality subscribers.

10 Keys for Getting Subscribers on YouTube Fast

Now that we’ve talked about the first determining factor for your channel’s success, the quality of your relationship with your subscribers, it’s time to talk about the second determining factor:

The subscriber registration rate on your channel, that is, to what extent you are able to convert your visits to subscribers.

Here the crux of the matter will be to do as much as possible and to make them as effective as possible.

To that end, I’ve created a list of 10 points that, of all the advice you can hear out there, seem to me to be the most important:

1. Be very clear what demand you are going to meet

So, measure your channel’s theme well and make it as clear as possible to your audience starting with your channel’s name and cover.

2. Generate a good first impression with your channel

The first impression given to you by the channel will have a lot of weight in the decision to subscribe.

A channel with a cutre name, a cutre image, etc. doesn’t motivate much. It’s logical.

I’m not saying you don’t get any subscribers like that, but you will certainly get many more with the same content if your channel has a good image.

So don’t forget this aspect. To make it easy, here you can learn how to create a YouTube channel and give it a good image:

3. Try to differentiate yourself as much as possible

There are already many people with YouTube channels, on all kinds of topics. It’s very likely that other YouTubers are already doing the same thing or something very similar to what you want to do.

Does this mean you should throw your towel away?


How many different channels with themes have you seen and watched videos?

A lot of people, what about it?

This is proof that, through many channels, there is always room for new authors as long as you contribute something of yours that has not been provided by others and that does not make you a simple copy of what already exists.

The good thing is that differentiating yourself is less complicated than it might seem. Just because of your personality and way of transmitting, you’re going to differentiate yourself naturally. So, my advice is that you empower this, just be you, being authentic is a very important first step in the right direction.

But besides this, it is good to actively work to differentiate yourself from other channels.

There are many ways to do it: specialize, how you make and present your content, the image of your channel and your videos, your personal image, the visual and audio quality of your videos, for free downloads that accompany your videos, etc., etc.

4. Make quality videos

This is very simple: if your videos are bad, you won’t go anywhere. The offer is so wide that users will be one click or two away from a better alternative.

Therefore, today, quality is not optional. And this also includes taking care of visual and audio quality.

Here are two posts, one explaining how to make good quality video with modest media and another that is already in more professional media:

5. Consistent in publishing your videos

As I said at the beginning, when someone subscribes to your channel it is because they expect to receive more videos like the one that motivated them to subscribe initially.

But this expectation is not only about the topic (new videos on the subject), but also about how often they are published.

If you don’t upload videos regularly, your subscribers will get tired of waiting and end up abandoning you.

6. Works the visibility of each video

Visits to your channel and subscribers are like the problem of chicken and egg.

How do I get subscribers if you don’t have any visitors? And how to get unsubscribed visits?

Luckily, it’s easy here to break this vicious circle because you can get traffic if you can position your videos on the YouTube search engine.

This, with the right strategies, can be done effectively and quickly even in newly created channels.

The magic words are two: “SEO” and “long line” and no, the second is not what you think 🙂

This post tells you everything you need to learn:

7. Connect and care for your community

People like to relate to people.

So the more you can connect to your audience, the more subscribers you’ll generate.

The best advice I can give you is that it’s you, with your virtues and flaws, that will make you perceived as an authentic person and you will naturally connect with your audience.

It will also make people dislike you, but it’s nothing bad. It’s life itself, not in real life, not even here we can like everyone, not what he does.

Now, those virtues that you think favor connecting to your audience (your talent for explaining things, your sense of humor, etc.) explore them to the fullest.

Joaquín of the channel EFE Uno Joaquín is a good example of an authentic person who generates engagement in a natural way:

And if, in addition, you can spend time looking after your relationship with your community (responding comments, etc.), better than better.

8. Listen to your community

Actively listening to your community, that is, I spend some time reviewing the comments you’re getting on your videos and responding to at least one part.

It’s a very smart way to listen to your community because you kill two birds with one stone: you do such important work of interaction with your community, but on the other hand you will detect concerns and demands.

These concerns and demands are the best basis you can have to create new content because you will already know that they will be very well accepted content and will convey to your community that sense that you are listening to them and offering what they demand of you.

9. Collaborates with other YouTubers

Partnerships can be very effective in getting new subscribers in a short time.

Search for other channels not very different in size from yours and propose a collaboration in order to introduce each other to your respective communities with some guest content (like guest posts on blogs).

At the end of the video, you recommend to follow the guest channel. That’s how simple 🙂

10. Makes calls to action

The tenth key is calls to action.

This is very important because a typical behavior of Internet users is that, if you don’t explicitly tell them to do something that you want them to do, they won’t come out of it.

Applied to ours: if you don’t tell them to subscribe, most of them won’t subscribe, even if they loved your channel, simply because they haven’t thought about it at the time.

You can basically do two things:

Make a call to action in the video: encourage people with a small banner at the end of the video (and in the middle if you can naturally put it in) to subscribe to your channel.

Use end screens: this is a YouTube feature that allows you to submit to other videos and also put the channel logo to subscribe to users.
The vast majority of readers entering this post are starting and you will have zero or very few subscribers (less than 100).

This is a very difficult stage because your channel has no traction and you still have few resources because of your lack of experience. You publish a video and basically nothing happens, maybe you get 10 or 20 visualizations and from there, they come with droplets.

At that rate, it is impossible to grow.

What can you do?

Here the solution is going to go through key No. 6 (getting visibility with SEO), which is the best way out of this vicious circle when you’re in the beginning.

I advise you on a small strategy composed of these three steps:

Start by spending some time on your channel’s image to make the best possible impression on your visits. We want to attract the maximum number of subscribers among the visits we receive.
Search, within your topic, highly-demanded topics and explore the long tail that is explained in SEO’s YouTube post to which I refer above.
Get out of here at least 5-10 ideas for specific videos. Each of them works in depth at SEO level to position it.
Also move the videos posted to you all over social media. Search for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn groups, etc. that could be related to sharing your videos (yes, no spam…), speak to the maximum number of friends and acquaintances with social media presence to share (repeatedly), etc., etc., etc.

And remember that you can also use “creative” strategies like the one explained in the section above about the famous 4000 viewing hours.

The Best Trick to Grow Exponentially on YouTube

Once your channel starts growing in subscribers, things will get easier and easier because subscribers themselves will get more and more weight in spreading your new videos.

The more subscribers you have, the more subscribers you will get, the famous “snowball” effect.

At certain thresholds of visibility, you can do very powerful things, here the limit is just your creativity.

Of all the actions to get subscribers I’ve seen, the most effective I’ve seen is to draw lots.

And if not, ask, for example, Romuald Fons who went from an account with less than 5,000 subscribers in late 2016 to more than 20,000 in one month 🙂

But look, here too, we need a smart strategy, if not, it’s not going to work.

And look, if you still don’t have that visibility on YouTube, it’s also good to have it on the other hand: a blog with a lot of traffic (hundreds or thousands of daily views), a powerful Instagram account, etc.

Even if you don’t have that visibility anywhere, you can do things.

It’s not unreasonable to think, for example, of using online advertising, it can be very worthwhile, although it has the downside that creating campaigns that work is not trivial, so once again, you have to learn new things.

Given how to reach many people, it’s time to talk about the second key condition for this to work: your draw must be aligned with the subscriber profile you are interested in capturing for your channel.

In other words: don’t comment on the grand mistake of simply flipping through an iPad.

What do I mean by this?

Well, everybody wants an iPad, so everybody will sign up for this draw. A priori, it seems like a good idea.

But are you really interested in having all those people on your list?

I’m already telling you: you don’t care.

You just have to attract people who are genuinely interested in the subject of your channel, the rest of you are not at all interested in it. They don’t interest you because they won’t be active, they won’t follow your new videos, and you won’t be able to do anything with them. And let’s not talk about selling things to them anymore.

How to do it right?

You must get something as close as you can to the public you want to catch. Something that, so to speak, “defines” that audience as accurately as possible.

Example: if your channel is for car tuning, you circumvent something that is only of interest to this group. For example: a very useful product kit that everybody who tunes uses.

On the other hand, don’t be sad, if you’re a bit generous (let’s say you miss something worth 250€, for example) you’ll have very good options of creating a viral effect if you then spread the word well, spread the word on specialized forums and social networks, etc.

And finally, for participants to become subscribers, it makes it very clear that it will be drawn exclusively among subscribers. If, in addition, you have a blog with a mailing list, consider also putting the condition of enrollment in your blog as well.

Why Your Subscribers should NOT stay on YouTube?

Now I’m sure I’ve left you baffled, right? 😀

We’ve been talking all the time about getting subscribers and generating engagement, and now I’m releasing this phrase.

How do you eat this?

Very easy:

Many YouTubers completely overlook a very important detail: they don’t realize that their subscribers are not theirs.

You did read well: subscribers on your channel are not yours. They’re not because they’re from YouTube.

Think about it: do you know exactly who each is? Can you direct them as and when you want, e.g., by email?

No, right?

You just know they are people with a Google account and you can post new videos so they are notified of your new video, you can’t send them even a simple email to contact them.

That is, YouTube controls your channel’s subscriber relationship at will and can change your subscriber policies at any time.

In fact, there has been controversy here in recent months precisely because Google is changing the organic scope of notifications for new videos.

They no longer reach the emails of all subscribers (only those who activate the famous bell). As you can imagine, this has caused a stir among YouTubers.

That’s why I say subscribers aren’t yours, they’re from YouTube.

How can we remedy this?

Fortunately, there is an effective solution to this problem: the mailing lists.

You should take as many subscribers on YouTube as you can to your mailing list.

Ideally, this integrated mailing list with a blog to have the landing pages with the “hooks” there, the free incentives for users to sign up.


Looking at these latest figures and knowing that there are already a huge number of channels on all kinds of topics, you might be under the impression that YouTube is already “screwed” and that for the new authors there is not much cake left to be delivered.

Not at all, there are still many opportunities left on YouTube.

That there are so many people, channels with astronomical subscriber numbers, etc. is precisely a sign of YouTube’s effervescence and in such a dynamic place there are always plenty of opportunities for new proposals that have something to contribute.

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