How to create a professional YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes 2021

How to create a Professional YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes (2021)

How to create a YouTube channel? That’s the point.

If Shakespeare lived, he would now have a YouTube channel. I’m sure.

Video marketing is fashionable. The videos have flooded the Internet and it’s no longer worth writing on your blog.You have to lose the fear of recording and start enjoying all the benefits that audiovisual communication brings to your business.

Do you know what the first step is to get there? Create a YouTube channel.It’s useless for you to mount your super home recording studio and have great ideas for your first videos if you don’t show them on a channel!We have to be faithful and get your visitors not to watch a video, but several.

That’s why I’m presenting you a step-by-step tutorial today to open your YouTube account and create your channel.

But not to do it anyway, no. A tutorial for creating a channel that makes your visitors want to see all your videos.

How to open an account on YouTube

The first step to making a YouTube channel is to open an account.

You need to sign in with your Google account for that. Go to the YouTube page and click Sign In.

He’ll ask you to blog. If you are aware, log in; if you don’t have it, click Create Account. He’ll ask you if it’s for you or to manage your business. Choose your option and fill in the data you are asking for.

The last step is to verify your email. That’s how easy it is to open an account on YouTube.

How to create a YouTube channel

Once you already have your account and are logged in, go to the icon on the top right where your photo appears.When clicked, a drop-down menu appears.

To create your YouTube channel, click Create a channel. If you go to the Creator Studio option, it will also take you to the same site.

He’ll ask you for your first and last names.

If you want your channel to have a different name, click “Use a company name or other name”.

From this screen, you can create a brand account associated with your new YouTube channel.

This option is also accessible from the > Settings drop-down menu.

Now to Add or Manage Channels.

Click Create New Channel.

In this way, you can create another YouTube channel from the same account.

So far the tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes.

You already have your channel created! ­čÖé

How to Configure and Customize Your YouTube Channel

Now let’s see how to set up your YouTube channel.

There are a series of adjustments and data that you have to fill in as you please. I recommend that you take your time to do it in depth, bearing in mind that YouTube is a community, a social network, where people are going to want to connect with people.

So it’s very positive that you add information about yourself and include a photo. But also your YouTube profile lets you link to your blog (here I explain how to create a blog), something very interesting at SEO level.

I’m also going to show you how to customize your YouTube channel.

Change logo

Changing the icon in your channel is very easy. Depending on whether you have created a personal or branded channel, you will put a photo of yourself or a logo.

To do this, go to your channel and press the Customize Channel button.

When you place the cursor in the logo (or header), the symbol of a pen from which you can Edit the channel icon appears.

The logo is recommended for a professional. If you don’t have a budget or you don’t want to invest in it, you can use a program like Canva.

youtube channel

Create header for YouTube channel

The next step to improve the aesthetics of your channel is to change the header image.

When you see it, three things have to be clear:


  1. Project Name
  2.  To whom it is addressed
  3. Your Value Proposal


There are people who recommend that you also put on when you publish. You can put it if you are clear and follow a regular posting frequency.


The recommended dimensions for the YouTube header are 2560 x 1440 pixels.


This way you’ll look good on every screen. Note that the image is going to be located in the center, leaving wide margins.


Both the header and the links above it can be edited from the pen that appears when the cursor is placed above it.


You can add up to 5 links. I recommend that you put your website and 2 or 3 of your social networks where you are present (they are also worth streaming platforms).


Add channel description


An important aspect for both users and the SEO on YouTube is the channel’s description. Here you have to talk about the main theme and the sub themes or categories.


In 2 or 3 paragraphs, the user needs to know who you are, what you do and, above all, what they’re going to find on your channel.


Like previous items, you edit by passing the cursor over and clicking the pen.


Create a splash video of your channel


We’re on YouTube and the best feature of your channel is a video.


Creating a video presentation will make the user know and connect with you, seeing that you are a person, expressing themselves and worrying that people will understand their purpose.


A YouTube splash video should read:


  • Brief: about 1 minute. Less gets short and more boring even to sheep.
  • Close: talk on camera. As you have videos, you can go showing fragments of them while your voice is heard off.
  • Clean: don’t post advertisements or make calls to the action to sign up to my webinar or download my guide. All you have to ask for is that they sign up.


If you still don’t have a video presentation, you can highlight one that reflects your channel’s content well.


To do this, go to the Customize Your Channel option and, on the Start tab, select the For New Visitors tab.


That’s the video people who don’t subscribe to your channel watch.


Check your YouTube channel


Your channel verification process provides you with a number of advantages:


  • Upload videos longer than 15 minutes
  • Add Custom Thumbnails
  • Live Broadcast with YouTube Live
  • Claim Content ID (if plagiarized)

To do this, you just have to give your phone number to YouTube and put the code that they send you by SMS or call, as you like.

YouTube Marketing:Strategy: How To Apply Marketing Services & Techniques To Your Channel

Check your YouTube account.

Choose Channel Keywords

The keywords are terms that people are looking for, both on Google and YouTube, which is the second search engine in the world.

So it’s important that you pick keywords according to your channel’s theme. This will be easier for users to find you in no time.

Go to YouTube Studio and click Settings.

Then, go to the Channel tab.

As you see, I have a few hashtags that describe the main themes of my channel’s videos.

One of them is Professional Reinvention, so important today, because many people do a job that they don’t enjoy just because they have an economic need, because it feeds them.

Wouldn’t it be better to work on something that you’re passionate about and make more money?

If yes, click on the link above.

Change Your YouTube Channel URL

You will have to choose your channel name to generate your URL.

The natural choice is that you choose based on your personal brand to maintain a bit of consistency with the rest of your online channels.

Another option is to think a little bit about the mindset of search engines and try to integrate that main keyword into your channel’s URL because you want to position yourself.

Here, there is no single recipe: it tries to be practical and effective at SEO level and seeks to combine it with some branding.

To change the URL of your channel, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Have 100 subscribers.
  • That the channel has a minimum age of 30 days.
  • Have a photo uploaded as a channel icon.
  • Have a header on your channel.


Here I’ll leave you the steps for a custom channel URL.

How to upload my first video to YouTube

Now that you’ve created and customized your YouTube channel to your liking, it’s time to upload your first video.

There are several ways to do it. I’ll tell you.

Upload Video to YouTube

The first is to use the uploader online on YouTube:

You just have to fill in the data that the page asks for, so this step you should be able to do it in a paperback.


Depending on the weight of the video (marked by quality and duration) and the speed of your Internet connection, it will take about.


Upload video to YouTube from iPhone or other mobile phone


If you have a good quality mobile phone (iPhone, HTC, Galaxy SII or similar), you can record your video directly with your mobile and email it to a specific address that YouTube gives to each channel and upload your video easily.


Tremendous, right?


Upload video on YouTube from your webcam


Something similar can be done with Logitech webcams, which have the option to configure the interconnection between your webcam program and YouTube, to upload the videos in one click.


Recommendations on uploading a video to YouTube


When you upload a video, you don’t select the file and upload it without thinking.


You have to follow some tips to improve your video positioning and get more views:


  • Choose the appropriate name: includes the keyword or primary keyword in the file name. Don’t upload a video under the name “video0278.avi”, upload one with a structure similar to “keyword_flag.avi”.
  • It fills all essential YouTube information: the title, labels and description should be used to facilitate the understanding and search of your video. It uses the main keyword in the title, other related keywords in the tags, and creates a description similar to a blog post to better position.
  • Creates a custom thumbnail: don’t choose a thumbnail from the video itself. Create one from scratch that is attractive and catches attention.
  • He adds subtitles: if you can, add a transcript or subtitles to the video to further improve your positioning and make the video easier to understand.


You have no excuses anymore. You can’t say “I don’t know how to make a YouTube channel” or “I don’t know how to upload a video to YouTube.”


Now it’s time to create it, upload your welcome video and start leveraging your business image on the Internet.


I have already checked that this method works on my YouTube channel (where you can find more tips on video marketing).


Apply everything you’ve learned and test it in first person.



Zorian star


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