Go YouTube Live: Enlarge Your Audience

Introduction : Go YouTube Live

YouTube Live is an easy way for online content creators to get in touch with their community in real time. You can create a live event, take classes or host a workshop. YouTube has a lot of tools that will help manage live streams and interact with viewers in real time.

It is a great fun thing to go live on YouTube, As Now it is a trend, it increases your social appearance by 250%. However, before you go live on YouTube, you should know a few tips that enhance your interactive experience by 200% and make you feel like a pro.

This article is purely based on how to professionally set up; schedule and broadcast live from your computer or mobile. You will also find helpful tips and tools for engaging with your live viewers easily.

Beginner Guide for YouTube

New to YouTube live? Don’t need to worry! It is so simple, just up your channel and equipment, and you are just a click away from it.

Step 1:

Verified your channel: You need to verify your channel. For verification, you need to visit www.youtube.com/verify, just add your phone number to get verification code and follow the steps as follows:

On Laptops and PCs

  1. Visit www.youtube.com/dashboard
  2. Click the Create button in the top right corner
  3. Select Go Live.

Tips: Minimum 24hr is required for the activation of an account.

On mobile!

  1. Open the app on your mobile.
  2. Click on the “+” button in the lower center.
  3. Select Go Live.

Tips: You must have 1,000 subscribers to live stream on mobile.

1. Promote/boost

One thing you should understand is that just providing a Streaming Link a few mins before to your audience may not be a good idea.

First, you need to promote the live stream in advance.

Follow some easy steps:

  •  Let your audience know that you are planning for a live YouTube streaming. You can let them know by the social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.
  •  If you are a regular content creator then you should mention in your post/Vlog that you are planning for a YouTube live stream. If they are a regular viewer of your content then they should be your potential viewer of your live stream. There may be a chance that they recommend your live videos to their friends.
  •  Try to be more creative, make a “live stream trailer video” for your upcoming event. It may contain content from your past videos and blogs.
  •  You should head over to your YouTube channel homepage and schedule one, using the ‘events’ option.

Hence, you will get The Maximum number of potential viewers for your Live Stream.


2. Captivate the audience

This is the most important tip. You should plan your “live stream” such that viewers find it easy to interact with the host.

    • Mention viewers name’ let them know you are interacting with them continuously, make them comfortable and appreciate their interest.
    • Live Chat: It is a great way to interact with the audience. You can directly get their opinion and views about streams. It may be converted into a question and answer session. Try to have a moderator, so that he can interact in the comment section on your behalf and remove an unsuitable post.
  • To add a co-host or special guest, you can invite a co-host and special guest. They may be trending youtubers, comedians etc. just to make your Live streaming more spicy.

This strategy will help you for cross promotion. You will promote your guest on your Live Stream and he will promote you to their viewers.

3. Create a Good Atmosphere/Background

You should choose a place or setup the surrounding such that it should relate to the topic of your live stream. You should patiently and carefully select the place for your live stream and all the various facts that will affect the viewers.

Try to make sure that viewers find it interesting to look at your video.

You should make sure that their is no volume or voice issue in Live Stream, this is the most common problem in outdoor shooting.

4. Check analytics to see what works

YouTube provides real time and post live analytics.

Look for peaks in concurrent viewers to get a idea of what attracted the largest audience. Retention will show you how many viewers stuck with you till the end. If this figure and average view duration is low, try to build anticipation and interactivity next time.

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