Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format

YouTube videos are a craze when it comes to music,how-to tutorials,fun,entertainment, etc. You just need a good internet connection to watch unlimited videos onYouTube anytime, anywhere,when you need .

But slow ,no Internet means no access to YouTube. So you may want to download your favorite YouTube videos to watch them offline from anywhere,anytime.The best wayto play YouTube videos on  computer, media player, or smartphone is to download and convert them to MP4 format. Almost all devices and media players support MP4files. Another benefit of converting to MP4 format is that it offers high compression to save files in a smaller size, without losing much on video quality.

convert YouTube videos to MP4?
YouTube video to MP4 conversion process involves 2 stage. First, download YouTube videos on the computer and then convert the downloaded video to MP4 format using an
MP4 converter software.always use the 100% safe and free from malware YouTube MP4 converter tool to download and save your videos on a storage drive.
There are MP4 converter software that can be downloaded and installed on your system. They can convert unlimited YouTube videos of any length to MP4 format.

Stellar Converter for Audio Video is a desktop YouTube video converter software. It can speedily convert multiple YouTube videos to MP4 file format . This software
also allows you to customize the output MP4 file. You can set video frame rate, resolution, metadata, and bitrate, etc. There’s no video file size limit for
conversion.Stellar Converter for Audio Video can convert videos to different video and audio format. You can replace audio track in a YouTube video, merge two or more
videos, edit videos.

convert YouTube videos to MP4 format :-
First, download the desired YouTube video on your computer. Choose any YouTube downloader app, such as Free YouTube Downloader, YTD Video Downloader, Y2Mate,
Once the video is downloaded launch Stellar Converter for Audio Video on your PC or Mac.
Add the YouTube video file saved on your computer.
Select MP4 as output format and click on Convert.


stage 2: Use VLC Media Player to convert YouTube video

VLC Media Player is not only a video player but a video converter.
The conversion process of YouTube video to MP4 is longer compared to Stellar Converter for Audio Video. Also, you cannot batch convert multiple YouTube videos to MP4
at a time using VLC Media Player. Converting long videos of over an hour is a time-taking process.

You can divide the conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 using VLC into two steps:

Download YouTube videos via VLC Player.
Next, convert the downloaded YouTube video to MP4 in VLC Media Player.

I. Steps to download YouTube videos using VLC:
Copy the YouTube video URL in the browser.
Open VLC Media Player, go to Media > Open Network Stream.
Paste the URL in the text box in the Network tab.
Click on Play to stream the added YouTube video.
Next, go to Tools > Codec Information.
Copy the URL located in the Location text box and paste it into your web browser’s address bar.
Right-click the video and select Save video as to save the video on your computer. You can change and select a folder to save the video.Click Save. The YouTube video
gets downloaded on your pc.

stage 3: YTMP3 Converter

YTMP3 Converter converts YouTube videos to MP4 online. The free YouTube video to MP4 converter doesn’t require any software installation. You just need a secure Internet connection.YTMP3 can convert only one video at a time. Plus, it supports converting even 1-hour long videos.

convert YouTube video in YTMP3:
Open the YTMP3 website in the browser.
Copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the box on the YTMP3 website.
Choose the MP4 file format and click Convert Next.
Now click the Download button to save the MP4 file on your system. You can save the file directly into Dropbox also.

stage 4: YMP4 online YouTube video converter

YMP4 can convert videos to MP4 from over 300 websites, including YouTube. It has features like Shortcuts for faster YouTube video downloads. Its built-in YouTube search helps to directly download video from its site instead of copying and pasting the URL from the YouTube website.
You can convert long YouTube videos to MP4 for up to 2 hours also. YMP4 can download YouTube playlists also.

YouTube launched Shorts, an option to create Tik Tok-style short videos


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