Top 8 Alternative YouTube Pages in 2021

Top 8 Alternative YouTube Pages in 2021


YouTube is the undisputed leader among video portals and can therefore be described with certainty as the top leader in the sector. alternative youtube pages in 2021, according to their own statements, and with more than a billion users, almost a third of all internet users surf YouTube. Thus, there is no doubt as to why the platform has been recognized as an effective marketing tool. Users can upload videos with a few clicks and, thanks to the automatically generated HTML, it is also possible to insert them effortlessly into any external web page. Now, the question that arises then is whether there are alternatives to YouTube, and, if there are, which ones they are.


Some of the most active video pages as alternatives to YouTube are Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, Vevo, VidLii, Odyssey Metacafe, where both private and professional users have different ways to create or view interesting content. Then we delve into these eight alternatives and present their main advantages and disadvantages.




Dailymotion is a French video portal that, based on the number of users, currently represents one of the best alternatives to YouTube in its country of origin, although in other countries the platform also ranks second after YouTube. The company has reached about 314 million users around the world and more than 3.5 billion videos are produced each month.


Dailymotion stands out especially because of its charging specifications: files can be up to 2GB and last 60 minutes (these limitations do not apply to Advanced users). In addition, it supports numerous video and audio formats, so users can opt for .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi, wmv files, etc. As a video codec, H.264 is recommended, as well as an ACC audio codec for a frame rate of 25 fps. The platform also supports up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) resolution. This website is especially suitable for users interested in uploading quality videos, where large files are equally welcome as those with exceptional image quality.


With a black and white design, its interface is clear and attractive. Inserting and exchanging videos in external media is also very simple: with one click, the respective HTML code is automatically generated.


The so-called “affiliates” have additional features and features at their disposal, as it is not only possible to earn money with YouTube.Dailymotion allows you to enable video monetization, customize the player, and control income with your own analysis tool. Therefore, as an alternative to YouTube, Dailymotion is especially interesting for bloggers who want to monetize its content or offer Premium services to their audience. Thus, anyone who wants to take advantage of Dailymotion’s options to earn money can sign up for this service or embed a specific provider widget on their channel. Some of the most recognized users on this platform include National Geographic and the EFE news agency.


Another major advantage is the wide range of Dailymotion applications. This YouTube alternative features apps that support various Smart TVs, Set Top Boxs and even Sony Play Station, allowing users to access content from the comfort of their sofas. This service can also be used on mobile devices with iOS or Android systems.




In 2016, the American company Steemit launched the social networking and blog platform of the same name. This allows decentralized distribution of different blockchain-based content. The videos are uploaded through the alternative YouTube DTube, an essential part of Steemit’s network. DTube is based on the IPFS protocol, which allows videos uploaded to different blockchain computers to be stored distributed. YouTube, however, stores all the data on Google’s servers.

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DTube “leaders” (currently 10 parts) are responsible for producing new blockchain Steem blocks. For their part, it is the users who choose these parts jointly by voting. All registered users have five votes and can receive crypto-currency rewards for uploading videos, likes and comments. One of the great advantages of DTube over YouTube and other video sites is that it does not contain ads.


With technology such as blockchain and the individual keys for DTube login, users need time to adapt to the platform, especially at the beginning. So, in order to make the most user-friendly initially, the web app developers have been inspired by the YouTube design to create a familiar environment. You can find three options for uploading videos:


  • Peer-to-peer: this is a variant for content upload that brings the greatest anonymity. You can choose between the BTFS, Skynet, and IPFS protocols.
  • Third Party URL: is the easiest way to upload videos. Users can integrate DTube videos through the URL of a video platform such as Twitch, YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Liveleak, Viemeo or Facebook.


  • File Loading: is the best way to upload small, simple files.


DTube presents itself as an alternative to YouTube of the future, although today he can barely keep up. However, according to its managers, it already has more than 189,000 registered creators and curators, who on average upload one video every three minutes. However, it only has about 2 million visitors per month, which shows that DTube still needs to grow.




Vimeo is an American video service that started in 2004 and specializes mainly in artfully ambitious content. Not surprisingly, its founders are film makers who aimed to make available to directors a distribution platform for their content, whether private or professional. In this way, Vimeo has become a service that gathers impressive shorts, documentaries and music videos. Those interested in independent production of all kinds will find on Vimeo an alternative to YouTube of high quality. However, Vimeo’s figures are clearly behind its competitors. Yet Vimeo has found a niche in the public that demands complex and sophisticated content.


The pretense of being a platform for sharing for creative works is immediately reflected on the front page, where its employees are responsible for daily curation of the best content, as if it were an interactive gallery. As a result, this service provides its users with a wide spectrum of video uploading, in which their own content can be presented with the best quality. For this, Vimeo offers different types of payment accounts. While the basic free version allows up to 500 MB per week to be loaded, with “Vimeo Plus” you will have a maximum of 5GB per week and with “Vimeo Pro” even up to 20GB, making it easy to publish short films in 4K Ultra HD resolution. In other words, with professional accounts, audiovisual makers will find few limitations. The only thing you’ll notice is that the frame speed automatically decreases when the load exceeds 60 fps.


The Pro version is available for up to three users and allows you to adapt the video player to your liking and sell content on demand. In the latter, 90 percent of transaction costs are owned by the owner. In addition, the user has a complex set of tools, analysis programs and a completely free advertising interface. With “Vimeo Business”, commercial vendors have up to 5TB (terabytes) of storage space without weekly restriction. With that account, even ten team members may use workflow tools, as well as analysis and marketing. In the Premium rate you can also enjoy the new unlimited video transmission feature (with 7 TB of memory).


On the other hand, in its help section, Vimeo has a wide variety of tutorials available that explain and facilitate the use of the platform. A big difference from this platform to YouTube is related to the “quality over quantity” factor, which unfortunately is no longer one of the online video giant’s priorities. Vimeo brings together more than anything professional filmmakers, marketing managers or artists, which also means that some of the core features of this YouTube-only feature are available by subscription.


However, with the free version, users also benefit from innovative content and can also enjoy many applications. Vimeo is available for mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, or Windows and supports devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360, or Smart TV providers such as Panasonic, Philips, or Samsung. In this way, they approach a competent community that is very helpful or that makes constructive criticism of published content.




Gamers also have their alternative to YouTube. Twitch is the name of the live streaming portal that in its early days focused mainly on video games and eSport. was launched online on June 6, 2011 as a beta version and two years later it already certified 45 million viewers a month on about 6 million channels. In 2014, Amazon purchased the company for $970 million, and since 2016, Amazon Prime’s clients have had at their disposal Twitch Prime, a service that offers, among other things, free subscriptions and games, game lots, and unadvertised broadcast. Since 2015, the portal has organized an annual convention called TwitchCon that takes place in several American cities this fall.


Most fundamentally, Twitch closely resembles the YouTube beginning in the sense that content is accessible to anyone. Free registration with the email address or Facebook account authorizes other functions such as adding friends, using chat or following certain channels. It is a platform with a strong emphasis on the aspect of the community. Any registered user can even stream content. In order to do so, if you don’t have a Playstation or an Xbox, only an appropriate program like Open Broadcaster Software is required. Since 2016, there is also the IRL function, which allows community members to share moments of their private lives and discuss them with their viewers, which means that the link to gaming is not a prerequisite. While user-generated content makes up the most essential part of its content, the portal also broadcasts professional broadcasts of major sporting events


In addition, the most influential channels have the possibility to monetize their hobbies through the partner and affiliate program of Twitch, which invites streamers on the basis of certain criteria, such as regular broadcasts and a set of regular viewers. In return, with the member program, the streamer can get benefits by offering subscription packages or by participating in the cheering program. Here users can buy the so-called Bits and support their favorite channels with them. The partner program also offers the option of integrating ads, making Twitch a cost-effective platform for gaming enthusiasts with professional content and ambition to match.


What sets Twitch apart from YouTube is that there are no videos, but live broadcasts here. It is also possible to store shorter excerpts from broadcasts as featured videos that users can access for longer.




Sony and Universal Music, the two record labels behind Vevo, consider Vevo to be the world’s largest music video platform, but since 2018 this claim has not been entirely correct. Since then, music videos on streaming could no longer be reproduced on Vevo’s website or app. Today, Vevo’s 26 million monthly content visualizations take place only through third-party services like YouTube, Apple TV, or LG Channels. In these, Vevo acts as a content distributor for artists like Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift or Camila Cabello.




Impossible to travel until 2008? With VidLii you might feel in a few seconds that you’ve gone back in time, because the video page remembers both functionality and aesthetics at the beginning of the YouTube platform. The user who visits VidLii immediately acknowledges why the page was created: in vain you’ll find immaculate videos with professional lighting, but you’ll find a colorful potpurri of clips and amateur jacks. VidLii evokes the playful and experimental spirit of Web 2.0 that he projected back then on YouTube in every conceivable category: from cars to technology and from news to entertainment. There is also a music category, but it does not accommodate the latest successes.


A college student gave birth to VidLii in 2015 first under the name ClipBits, then still with the YouTube look of 2005. He has since changed not only appearance several times, but also in name: ClipBits became VidBits and in 2017 finally VidLii.


For its owner, the priority is clearly in usability. Uploading and sharing videos will be easy and fun. Registered users can choose whether to create their own open video channel or share their content only with family and friends. You can also follow other channels and value them with a star system that also reminds you of ancient YouTube times.


Are we facing a serious alternative to YouTube? For users who miss the amateur character of YouTube and those less interested in monetization, VidLii may be a good choice. But for those looking for quality and relevant content, this is not their portal. The number of subscribers on the most popular channels barely exceeds two figures.




Since September 2020, users around the world have been able to enjoy the Odysse platform. As in DTube, this YouTube alternative is blockchain-based technology and includes the use of cryptocurrencies. Those who post content and get other users can get “LBRY Credits”. LBRY is also the name of the protocol used to construct the block string. If you do not want to use the browser for the content network, you can use the LBRY applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS.

This is technology banned in China and why it is.

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