Top 10 YouTube Advantages in Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2021

YouTube Advantages in Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2021


Today, it is virtually impossible to think of a company that does not invest time and money in an online marketing strategy. The strategy defines how the business objectives of the company will be realized and, in this case, will always be through the Internet. Social networks are one of the key elements within this type of strategy and it is recommended that companies have a presence in different networks.
The video channel par excellence is often not the most widely used by the companies and it is very important to consider the advantages of YouTube to achieve better results.



  1. More people can be reached
  2. It s Responsive
  3. It is part of Google
  4. It’s easy to position yourself within the platform
  5. It is the second most used search engine
  6. YouTube content is audiovisual
  7. Audiovisual content is very attractive
  8. YouTube Allows User Interaction
  9. Videos for Enterprise with storytelling
  10. Contributions with youtubers and influencer                                                                                                                    online marketing


YouTube is the second social network surpassed by Facebook with the most users in the world. Specifically one billion users a month. In recent years it has been seen how the figure of youtuber or vlogger grew up with rhythm and without pause and possibly outweighed the blogger who is outdated when he does not use any other communication channels with his followers. In this article we analyze the advantages of YouTube in an online marketing strategy and brand image.
"YouTube is the second largest social network with the most users in the world"


YouTube Advantages: More people can be reached

The social network has more than one billion users, according to statistics published from the press department. Every day, you see hundreds of millions of hours of videos. Come on, a real passing. According to a study by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB), 83.5% of  citizens use this social network. The second most used after Facebook and followed by Twitter. One of YouTube’s most striking advantages, however, is that the time spent staying on the platform is longer.

Many would think that the YouTube audience is only young, but they are very wrong. One of the major advantages of YouTube in the online marketing strategy is the ability to reach more public thanks to the variety of users who use this network. Data that fluctuate on the Internet points out that 92% of users share a video on other social networks if they like it. In turn, 65% of them often visit the brand’s website if the video they have seen has seemed interesting to them.

YouTube Advantages: Is Responsive

As if a website is concerned, the possibility that social media content will be viewed smoothly on a mobile device increases the audience reach we will have. In fact, viewing sessions are longer, typically more than 40 minutes on average, and more than half of video playback comes from these mobile devices.

YouTube Story:is part of Google

One of the great advantages of YouTube, to say the most important, is its membership in the company par excellence.Having content on YouTube greatly facilitates SEO positioning and optimizing your channel to get the first positions in searches is very important.Videos that are well positioned within the platform will have more weight on Google itself and will be highlighted by the search engine if the video is of good quality and brings value.

Therefore, it is important to do a good search of the most interesting keywords within our online marketing strategy:Think about the keywords and search them on YouTube and Google analyzes the results of the competition and uses key tools for SEO positioning. With this data you can already create a list of interesting content for your channel.

It’s easy to position yourself within the platform

If you know how to do it.Likewise, positioning yourself thanks to YouTube is not so complicated as many companies forget about this important part.As mentioned above, the videos you are creating for a corporate channel should be optimized for SEO.

Video title should attack keywords.The description of the video itself is very important as Google does not itself analyze the content and it is necessary to explain using keywords without overexploiting them that it deals with more than 200 words.

It is necessary to add tags that have to do with keywords and content, but not more than ten.This is a way for the video to be displayed on related content as a suggestion.One good idea is to add the channel’s name as one more hashtag, as other videos of your own will appear inside the suggestions, i.e. in the video column on the right and the videos that appear when the video itself ends.

Playlists offer the possibility of creating a hierarchical structure that makes it easy for Google to understand video content and work as if they were the categories of a blog.

YouTube Advantages:is the second most used search engine

After talking about Google positioning, it is important to note that YouTube is also used to find interesting content directly from its own search engine.

YouTube content is audiovisual

It has always been said that an image is worth more than a thousand words and this statement is maximized when used to talk about YouTube.With the proliferation of mobile devices and the changing trend of users, content creation is changing and adapting to new generations.The TV beats the paper press by beating.The microblogging network Twitter gained its fame thanks to 140 characters.And after this, Instagram and Snapchat reached the peak of fame.Why?Users prefer to view images without having to read.There is a lower dropout rate than in reading and a longer viewing time for audio-visual content.

This is one of the advantages of YouTube that can be exploited the most, the possibility of creating audiovisual content without needing to be pure and harsh advertising to attract new customers or to achieve the goals that have been set within the marketing strategy.

Audiovisual content is very attractive

Within an online marketing strategy it is important to consider the brand content to be created.This content must be interesting and exciting for the user.Video is a very attractive format as it easily catches the attention of the reader, but you have to know how to make good content.

YouTube Allows User Interaction

It may not be as clear as it is on other social networks, but one of the YouTube advantages that are often overlooked is that it gives the option of interacting with users thus potential customers if content is created adapted for it.The platform gives you the option to add links within the video itself.This has been exploited by some brands to give users the opportunity to play and interact with the videos, for example, by creating the story themselves

Videos for Enterprise with storytelling

This concept has become popular in marketing as one of the greatest tools to connect with audiences, highlight competition and achieve greater empathy with customers.I mean, get more engagement.

YouTube Advantages:Contributions with youtubers and influencers

Another option you can find on this social network is the possibility of creating content on other channels than the company’s own or using personalities on the corporate channel.Contacting industry experts, bloggers, vloggers and influencers gives an opportunity to reach more audiences.

How to create a YouTube account?

Once you know what the benefits of YouTube are, it’s important to know how to create a company channel for this video platform.The first step in creating a YouTube account is to make a Google email account.It is recommended that you match the company image and name.Once you are logged inside Youtube, you can start the process of creating the account by clicking My Channel.

To create a company account on YouTube you need to have a Google + page.In the registration of this social network you must choose the name for the channel (the trade name or brand name) and the category to which the company belongs:Product or brand;Enterprise, institution or organization;Entertainment or sports arts and finally Another.When the Google+ account is verified, you can continue to create the YouTube account.

Only by entering Google+ access data will you get the corporate profile on Youtube.The account must be completed by including the channel icon, header image, and profile-appropriate description.It is important that in this description the keywords for which you want to position the channel are used.

How to optimize the YouTube account?

Similarly, other aspects have to be taken into account when shaping the YouTube channel. It is important to think about the strategy that will be followed within the platform: what is to be dealt with, who is the exact audience, what is the format of the videos (contained in animation, camera frames, script writing…), what is going to be the frequency of publication…

It is important that the channel has the necessary branding features. The channel avatar should carry the company’s brand or logo image so that it is fully recognizable. You also need to customize the channel’s URL because by linking your Google+ page to the channel, YouTube allows you to do it smoothly.

Another advantage of YouTube is that it helps you geolocate your users with the tool it offers in its setup panel. You can’t forget to associate the company’s corporate website as it is important and provides security and credibility. Also, you also have the option to add links to your other brand social networks that will improve the online marketing strategy. These links to your profiles will appear on your corporate channel’s ‘Home’.

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